Dating the enemy 1996

As an actor you're often restrained and restricted..." The reality is that Guy Pearce is not driven by ambition, he is not about to reach for superstardom, he is not moving to Los Angeles.

Though they have been together over a year, Tash and Brett have reached a point where they believe that neither understands the other.

So I latched onto Claudia." As for Claudia, she felt she depended on Guy more than she had ever depended on another actor.

"We developed the characterisations more than even [the scriptwriter and director] Megan [Simpson Huberman], so we really needed each other," says Guy. Then I got the part, and I was thinking 'Oh fuck, now what?

Guy Pearce stars with Claudia Karvan in the Australian romantic comedy, Dating the Enemy - and the enemy is/are him/her/self/ves.

As the shoot wrapped, he/she (and Claudia) talked to Andrew L. It was a sad sort of Friday night; after a serious and relatively long relationship, Guy Pearce was alone.

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