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The pieces were decorated in black with a single burnt orange flower motif and leaf imprinting.

The English Wade and the Irish Wade pottery had their own property series issued in 1984-1987.

In 1966 Wade Ulster changed its name to Wade Ireland Ltd.

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The leprechaun series continued with one as a cobbler, one with a pot of gold and one as a tailor.

By 1953, there was no longer a need for such large quantities of industrial ceramics so the company began searching for another product to make.

At this time, the first Irish Wade Pottery pieces were produced as Wade Ulster entered into the ornamental pottery field.

Bally-Whim Irish Village was similar to the Whimsey-on-Why English House collection and consisted of eight Irish village houses.

Whimtrays were little butter type dishes made by Irish Wade pottery in 1985.

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