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The topics don’t have to be weighty nor do they have to involve in-depth expertise.” 9.

Know when not to talk“You might think it’s great to while away the boring hours on a long airplane ride by conversing with your seat neighbor.

It wasn’t until I worked for years in the film industry that I started to realize – small talk is essential for this business. What was once my worst nightmare, eventually became a way to make friends, make money, and find a loving partner.

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If you’ve listened carefully, reflected back what you heard, and kept your nonverbal channel open, you’ll be less likely to make a mistaken judgment based on outer cues.” 5.It’s not that I’m by any means shy – small talk just isn’t my thing, so it takes me a little while to warm up to people.For the most part, this approach works in most aspects of my life except one: first dates.Be an online detective or behavioral profiler“You can help your case even further if you have the chance to find out ahead of time who you’ll be meeting along with a little bit of their history.Then you’ll be prepared to ask questions that will be relevant to the people you’re meeting.” 6.

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