Dating nice guys boring

Maybe women see nice guys as long-term relationship material, but not as the guys they might pursue for a fling.

If so, this would suggest that until a woman is interested in establishing a steady partnership, she may sacrifice niceness for other desirable attributes.

Is being called "a nice guy" a compliment or a curse?

Women say they want to date nice guys (Urbaniak & Kilmann, 2003), but their actions and choices often send a different message.

I don't see the younger generation of women catching on however. They think the stable provider will miraculously appear when they are ready to settle down.

You have to be able to make her laugh on a regular basis without overdoing it. You can still be a kind and sensitive, caring person and still be able to get laid frequently.You just have to develop a bit of an "edge" to your personality. The question that "plain-looking" nice men have is: at what point does a good looking woman want to have a long term relationship" Attractive women usually want only a short term relationship, and therefor are looking for the highly attractive male.Do you have any tips on telling when these women want a long-term relationship?Indeed, women prioritize physical attractiveness over kindness when describing their preferences for a short-term partner (Li & Kenrick, 2006). The real story appears to lie at the intersection of niceness and dominant characteristics.For long-term relationships, non-physical characteristics take precedence: Women care more about kindness and warmth and less about status and physical attractiveness. An experimental study revealed that men who behaved pro-socially—being nice—positively affected women’s ratings of their physical attractiveness, sexual attractiveness, and dating desirability, while social dominance alone had no impact on these judgments (Jensen-Campbell, Graziano, & West, 1995).

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