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Os diretores da Nérus participaram do AWS Experience BH.

Neste evento, a AWS apresentou o que existe de mais moderno em termos de cloud computing (computação nas nuvens).

As we traveled through the 6th and then into the 7th arrrondissement I was seeing buildings and sites that were familiar so I was feeling pretty confident.

I looked at the sign overhead and even with my limited French I knew that my train was cancelled and there wasn't another one coming in the foreseeable future, so it was back down the stairs where a very nice bilingual woman confirmed that I needed to get back on the green line and head to Gare de Lyon station.

We dined at Accor Academie, the training hotel for the Accor Hospitality Group in France.

This academie provides chefs and other hotel staff with the opportunity to train for positions in Accor hotels across France.

A Nérus já está totalmente pronta para usufruir de praticamente todos os recursos relevantes para seus clientes: A Nérus está realmente na frente quando se fala em ERP para a nuvem, trazendo economia e segurança na veia para seus clientes.

Dezenas de clientes já migraram para a solução Nerus na nuvem e estão muito satisfeitos. Continuamos animados com as perspectivas e certamente mais clientes irão aproveitar do Nérus, o ERP para redes de lojas pronto para nuvem!

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