Dating key lalockandkeyevents com lock lockandkeyevents party speed dating in brisbane on saturday nights

If you do find a match, head to the prize table and see if you’ve won a prize.

Previous raffle prizes have included holiday vouchers, i Pods, theatre tickets, bottles of champagne and free drinks!

INCLUDES: • 1 FREE 3 Olives Cocktail• FREE APPETIZERS UNTIL PM• Great prizes, and the opportunity to massively mix, mingle, make new friends, and who knows what else! Every time you unlock you get a ticket that enters you into the drawing to win great prizes from our party sponsors.

Prizes such as cold hard cash, hotel stays, dinners, tickets to popular things to do and more. If you don’t wish to prepay for this event, you can pay CASH at the door IF you put in an RSVP. PRIZES YOU CAN WIN: Every time you unlock, you can win prizes such as: *One CASH Prize!

To find out the upcoming singles party dates just call us on 08 or click here.

On entry, ladies are given a lock and gents are given a key.

I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to so many single guys in one night.

Successful matches then get a new lock or key to keep circulating and flirting.

We often have other ice-breakers at the party such as mini speed dating sessions, photo wall, celebrity couple matching and even optional learn to salsa classes. A brilliant night, it truly exceeded my expectations.

Guests then circulate to find a match to their lock or key.

The aim is to meet as many people as possible in one night, and have a giggle along the way.

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