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If you warned your partner about your STD or took certain precautions to minimize the risk of transmission (such as using a condom or engaging activities that were less likely to cause an infection), you may avoid criminal charges.

Other defenses that may be helpful include: If you knowingly or recklessly infect another person with an STD you may also be subject to civil consequences, as well.

The term sexually-transmitted disease (STD) refers to a range of venereal diseases, infections, and health issues that can be transmitted between partners during sexual activity.

Some STDs, like syphilis and gonorrhea, can be cured with proper medical treatment. In California, it is against the law to willfully expose another person to any infectious or communicable disease that has “significant public health implications.” Certain incurable STDs, including herpes, HPV, and HIV, may qualify under this definition.

Using the Center for Disease Control's 2016 STD Surveillance Report for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis and extrapolated using the latest 2011 US Census, it is estimated that 48 incidents of syphilis, 4060.5 cases of chlamydia and 1375.1 cases of gonorrhea, would be attributed to Columbus in 2016. Herpes, present in two forms HSV-1 and HSV-2, is a virus that affects the genitals mainly but can affect the mouth and lips in the form of fever blisters. Monogamy or celibacy is the best ways to avoid contracting one of these diseases.

When ordering an STD package or individual test from Health Testing Centers that tests for chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, or HSV type 2, a physician consultation and treatment are included when there is a positive result.

California’s laws used to take a much stronger stance on the intentional transmission of HIV.

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Because STDs are more common than you may realize, with nearly 20 million new STD cases occurring every year, according to nationwide CDC estimates. For instance, HIV infection can progress to AIDS, and gonorrhea, Chlamydia and syphilis can lead to infertility without treatment.

Unless you submit to frequent STD testing, you may not know that you are afflicted.

Intent: California law states that a person can only be guilty of willfully transmitting a disease if they acted with the intent to infect another person and engaged in conduct that was substantially likely to infect them.

At the end of the consultation the physician may prescribe the necessary medication for treatment.

It is up to the sole discretion of the physician to provide any medical treatment based on test results and any medical information they received during the consultation. Whether you're concerned about possible STD exposure or simply want a quick, convenient and confidential way to take control of your sexual health via routine STD screening, our STD testing centers near Columbus, OH can help.

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