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It has also been given as 1870 and attributed to the pillow and Hersey Manufacturing Company of Montreal and it is claimed by M.

Baackes of Cleveland that he established “the first mill for the manufacture of wire nails on this side of the Atlantic” at Covington, Kentucky in 1875.

It is interesting to note that the early technology for the manufacture of pins from wire with a wound head, dating back to the 16th century, was not transferred to the manufacture of nails although the present day manufacture of nails and pins bear some resemblance to each other.

Fremont states that the first industrial production of wire nails in France began in 1819, although not using the machine patented by White which is characterized as being better known for its ingenuity then its strength and not capable of withstanding the rigorous demands of continuous production.

By 1840 machine made wire nails were being produced by a number of Paris manufacturers and wire nail machines were being exhibited at the Paris Exhibitions of 18 and at the London Exhibition of 1851.

From 1878 to 1880 the growth of the wire nail was very slow and was attended with many difficulties.

Deep rooted prejudices of all kinds had to be overcome.

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