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Talk panels were also held in these places and keynotes were held at Elisa Kulma, witch is an official partner of HFW.A “Bio-Playground”, including photographs, clothes and sustainable fabrics was showcased at Wanha Satama where among others, a hundred percent vegan “leather” was displayed by Ultrafabrics inc.

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As the Chinese proverb puts it, “Your speech should be better than silence, if it is not, be silent.” Finns have a very strong sense of national identity.It is difficult to observe differences between believers and everyone else in everyday life, except perhaps that the former lead more abstemious lives.The number of immigrants in Finland is growing, and increasing contacts with other religions in recent years have increased the Finns’ knowledge of them, although there is still much to be desired in their tolerance for people with different religions and cultures.Browse the list of administrative regions below and follow the navigation through administrative regions to find populated place you are interested in.You can also take advantage of our two following search bars.

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