Dating famous person

In the spirit of that, we present to you 20 Stars Whose Non-Famous Spouses Are More Stunning Than Any Celeb.

Think you're only going to a music festival to dance? At least, that's what happened to Aaron Paul when he met his wife, Kind Campaign co-founder Lauren Parsekian, at Coachella.

That same night, he told her he was going to marry her.

Of course, the adventure just continued on from there.

Although you might be rejected, you’ll never know unless you try.

Unfortunately, most people are also so scared of rejection that they won’t even consider asking a celebrity on a date.

There’s a rich seam of fiction about the problems of mismatched celebrity love affairs—indeed Dick Diver’s affair with actress Rosemary Hoyt is a key plot point in the unravelling of F.

I had a non-famous friend who went out, briefly, with Cameron Diaz, after meeting her on a film set about 10 years ago. This lack of understanding of the tedious details of the normal world is a common complaint of the non-celeb dating the celeb.

“So if they start coming on to you, it can be pretty irresisitible.”But, a huge body of experience shows, it’s actually a temptation the regular person would do well to resist.

Dating a celebrity is a challenging exercise for outsiders, even for James Packer, a billionaire Australian casino operator and the son of the late, legendary gambler Kerry Packer, who has reportedly dumped Mariah Carey.

The movie Notting Hill features a floppy haired everyman, Hugh Grant, being whisked off his feet by a superstar actress played by Julia Roberts.

Life went on to imitate art in this case as Julia Roberts married non-famous cameraman Danny Moder in 2000, but there are rumors that even this hitherto successful celeb/non-celeb pairing may be in trouble, with Moder reportedly living in a separate house across the street from Roberts in the Hollywood Hills. Tobey Maguire married Jennifer Meyer, a jewelry designer, in 2007 and Conan O’Brien met his wife Liza Powel (they married in 2002) when she was an audience member at one of his shows.

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