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Last year Thomas got a bike specially designed for that kind of riding and had been chomping at the bit to get out into the world on his steed.I saw the writing on the wall and, not wanting to be left behind, followed suit much more cheaply by getting a mountain bike from craigslist and upgrading it with another 0 of new components.You can support Elko Nevada Weather whenever you shop for gifts at our Amazon Affiliate Store.As an affiliate, we get a small percentage of each costs you nothing to help out with our hosting and domain fees, and it applies to most anything purchased at It was replaced, transformed, or circumnavigated section by section by the hulking four-lane-divided I-80 from 1956 to 1986.Where 40 hugs the landscape, I-80 blasts through it with road cuts and tunnels.They STILL threatened to teacup over down the steep grade as we walked them!Once on a more reasonable slope fifty yards down the trail, we mounted up, and tore down the mountain.

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By the time we hit the valley floor the sun had set completely, and in the deepening darkness we rode forward on four-wheel-drive two-track roads deep with loose sand.Here, Thomas’ home, 8 month old baby girl, and homemade lasagna courtesy of his amazing wife would be waiting for us.So, there we were, two men and their bikes with 90 miles of basin, range, and river valley between us and our goal.In the 40 years since this section of US-40 was replaced by I-80 it has deteriorated into patches of blacktop interspersed with gravely macadam, with ghostly remnants of a center stripe warning us from beyond the obsolescent grave when it wasn’t safe to pass ghostly slower vehicles.Sage gave way to juniper forest as we gained elevation.

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