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One particular phenomena that benefited from the advent of newspaper advertisements was the tradition of Leap Year Proposals.Historically, February 29th, the extra day in the Gregorian calendar every four years, has informally given special privileges to marriage-minded women.Creating your own personal ad also meant the ability to skew the facts and/or perhaps be a bit more demanding in your requirements for a mate.For example, this California woman in 1909 cares naught for appearance, but requires any interested suitor to be worth at least a quarter of a million dollars (the modern equivalent of about million).——————————————————————————– ¹For a bit of reading on the topic, see: Pollard, A. “New Year’s Day and Leap Year in English History.” “To Ladies of Refinement, 17 to 25 years of age: I can introduce you to a fine-looking gentleman, who is rich, middle-aged, and whose reputation is par excellence; everything strictly confidential.59 - Greenwich, London I am a happy & busy person who enjoys life with a passion for music and the arts I like to get to know other people and share experiences.

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You can find your own favorites, be they sweet or scandalous, at Personal ads have been bringing couples together for over 300 years and been taboo for nearly the same length of time.Luckily for today’s singles, online formats have made dating advertisements and profiles a more accepted way to meet people.These advertisements were often mailed to the postmaster general and forwarded to local newspapers.This meant that postings could originate from across the country with the hopes of snagging more exotic partners.

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