Dating a fellow grad student

I think I only went out with 5 guys over a 1.5 year span.If you're worried about the time commitment, just be selective up front- only go out with girls you've created good rapport with.There was a lot of boundary setting for the first year when she was still in school, but after she graduated things eased up a lot. Honestly, while the reality of being a grad student is a bit of a grind, there is actually some amount of prestige to "doing a Ph D", and some people enjoy boasting that their girlfriend/boyfriend is "doing his/her Ph D".

” their new job is and how they just made 1,000 dollars in commission this week. While people are actually MAKING money for their pain and exhaustion, we are spending it.So things like dance classes (swing dance classes are very social), church groups, sports clubs, gaming clubs, hiking clubs etc, these are all good places to meet people. She was in her 3rd year of law school at the same university. She moved away to another city when she graduated, but we've been managing long distance ever since. I think a lot of people meet their SOs in grad school. I spent the first five or so years of my program single, though. It will take some time to get a decent profile together, but after that you won't have to put in much time.In a lot of ways I think it's easier than if you were an adult in the "real world" since you're part of this extended community. You will be able to determine how many dates and when you go on them (roughly speaking).For example, a law student isn’t going to simply say “I’m a student.” Oh, hell no.I earned these bags under my eyes and my first gray hair that I shouldn’t have gotten until at least my early thirties. While these 2-4 years are often horribly challenging and we are inevitably losing years off our life, most of us wouldn’t change it for the world. So cheers to all the grad students out there, and stop reading this because you probably have homework to do.

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