Cupid and speed dating dating matchmaker for 13 to 18 yr olds

They will shower you with attention, pictures and then the money kill. Some full time pros, others have jobs but need money for Iphones (their favorite) etc ... I used cupid to line up the girls and slept with the majority of them simply by telling them I will give them money in person.Since the trip is usually less than two weeks away, they are happy to wait.

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It will definitely distract from real life because these chics work overtime. Now, I dare say that 7-8 out of 10 women on all those site are "working" in some capacity. I've been to DR, Colombia and the Philippines with each trip lasting about 2.5 weeks.Regards No way would I open my wallet for this site. All the really fine looking ladies on are "ghost profiles" so don't waste your time here. this is what they are saying when caught "We would like to bring your attention to the fact that all packages on our site are re-billable by default" This site is a complete joke I have been hammered with nothing but fake fraudulent messages since I gave them my credit card number .I perused the site for a short time and quickly lost interest because of this fact, although they call them "angel profiles" CHECK YOUR BANK ACCOUNT! One person I was talking to gave me their cell phone number and it was a area code that is near where I live we didn't even message for two days and she was calling me honey and baby and sweetheart and then all the sudden she needed money because she couldn't cash her check because the bank was holding it for some unexplained reason and she was hungry and needed food.This is fraud no one should join the site they will be asking for more money off you if your are a full member. You may even get an automated message such as ' So I am your fav how are you going to show this'. As soon as we receive notice we will investigate the case straight away.I want to know about the money I have paid to them I should get a refund then because this is only 2019 and I am paid up till 2024 and they won't let me talk on the site till I pay. We will certainly look further into your query and use your feedback to improve our service. We work hard to keep our site fun and enjoyable, and we work hard to eradicate fraudulent people from the website.

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