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However, French clocks are often significantly less expensive than English or American mantel clocks from the same period, so they present a more affordable entry into the antique mantel clock market.

While identifying and valuing antiques isn't always an easy task, there are many telltale signs to indicate whether or not a mantel clock is a confirmed French antique. French mantel clocks in good condition are normally priced under 0.

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Unlike most old English potters, Josiah Wedgwood marked the majority of his products and Wedgwood Identification and Dating marks are something for which the collector should always look.

To better date a particular piece collectors will often also refer to this marking.

If you are looking to find the value of Wedgwood pieces, we have expert appraisers on hand.

You get a real sense of the grace and beautiful craftsmanship that prevailed at that time, without having to spend a fortune.

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