Cosolidating loans

Read our full review Maybank's debt consolidation loan is also worth considering due to its promotional interest rate.The bank is currently offering promotional interest rates starting at 6.92% EIR (flat rate: 3.88% p.a.), which is the lowest advertised effective interest rate available in Singapore.Maybank is also offering a cashback promotion (S8 upon approval).Applicants can easily apply by simply SMS messaging Maybank at 79898 with the following: In terms of the lowest interest rate being advertised, CIMB's debt consolidation plan was the lowest at 2.77%, but unlike HSBC it charges a one time processing fee of 1%.Perhaps this is a relatively young and premature product, however, as many banks didn't provide specifics of their offerings.

Read our full review POSB & DBS's debt consolidation loans are among the best available in Singapore.Below, we present a list of the best debt consolidation loans to help you to compare rates and features and choose the best loan.Debt consolidation loans usually come with a one-time processing fee, a flat interest rate, and a tenure of 1 to 10 years.Not only that, you should note that this rate is not guaranteed.CIMB's exact language is "interest rates are as low as 2.77%," and your approved interest rate can be materially higher than the published rate depending on your credit score.

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