Colonial dating and marriage

Due to the difficulty of tracing African Americans prior to 1866, most of whom were enslaved, indexers felt compelled to include this information in their indexes.We have retained this term here as a part of the historical record and to convey the relevance of the individuals' names to the time in which they were recorded.Bible MURPHY Bible CHAFFIN Records CHAFFIN Marriages HOGAN Marriages Society of Friends (Quaker) Marriages, 16 August, 1778 MARKHAM Marriages to 1850, Bride Index MARKHAM Marriage Bonds Marriages from Wm. Marriages 1876-1928 Marriages (WOODFORD Brides) 1895-1928 Marriages (WOODFORD Grooms) 1929-1971 Marriages (WOODFORD Grooms) 1933-1954 Marriages (WOODFORD Brides) Botetourt County 1770-1803 Marriages Bride Index 1770-1803 Marriages Groom Index 1783-1850 Misc. African-American Marriages COLE Bible IVIE, IVY, WELLS Marriages RICHARDSON Bible Lancaster County 1717-1739 Marriage Bonds 1717-1797 Marriages 1786-1787 Marriages in a Deed Book by John Leland 1793-1795 Assorted Marriages 1795-1810 Marriages by Rawleigh Tapscott Early Marriage Bonds Early Marriage Bonds Misc. Marriages BRACEY Bible CRYMES Bible CLARK Bible DAVES Bible GEE Bible GOODE Bible LEE-GREGORY Bible Marriage Bonds in Lunenburg Court-House STREET Bible TOMLINSON-CROWDER Bible WARD, LAMKIN, BACON, GREGORY, SCOTT, EDWARDS Bibles WILLIAMS Bible YANCEY Bible Mecklenburg County CRUTCHFIELD Marriages BARNER Bible BING Bible BRAME-HESTER Bible DAVIS Bible GREGORY Bible MCCARGO Bible MCCARGO Bible Marriage Bonds and Licenses Miscellaneous Marriage Records RIDOUT Bible Montgomery County 1785-1929 "Re-Ri" Surnames Brides 1786-1927 "V" Surnames Grooms BARNETT Bible BUSHONG/DAVIS Marriage Record, 1788 HOGAN Marriages JEWEL Bible KITTS/WYRICK Marriage Bond, 1786 MCCOMAS/Bailey Marriage Bond, 1787 MEACHAM/MILES Bible NUNLEY Bible SHELOR Bible SHELL/SAWYER Marriage Record, 1851 SHIELDS Bible SHILLING/KING Marriage Record, 1817 SISLER Marriages SHUFFLEBARGER Bible, 1803-1931 SHUFFLEBARGER Bible, 1826-1976 SHUFFLEBARGER Bible, 1893-1976 TAYLOR, John Bible TAYLOR, Styrle Bible VENABLE/MERRIT Marriage, 1809 Nelson County 1851-1926, Groom List 1851-1926, Bride List BALLARD-WHITEHEAD Bible BOWLING Marriages GIANNIEY Marriages GOODE Bible HARVIE/HARVEY Marriages Marriage Register, Book No.Marriages KESSLER/ DAVIS Bible ROWLAND-GILMORE Bible HOGAN Marriages LESLIE Marriages WIERS Family Marriages, 1796-1835 CALDWELL/LOONEYS Marriages CRUMPACKER Marriages Brunswick County 1750-1852 Marriages 1753-1850 Marriages RIDEOUT Marriages BARNER Bible EPPS Bible HICKS Bible JACKSON Bible MALLORY Bible Marriage Bonds & Ministers Returns, Surnames Beginning ' HA' Marriage Bonds at Lawrenceville, Wm. 7, Carroll County DALTON Marriages -Brides DALTON Marriages -Grooms GRAY Marriages BAKER Marriages GALLIMORE Marriages HANKS Marriages LARGEN Marriages BEDSAUL Marriages CARRICO Marriages HARROLD Marriages Carroll County Marriages Elizabeth City County (Created in 1634, originally known by the name of Kecoughton, it was incorporated into the City of Hampton in 1952.) 1689-1698 Marriage Licenses 1694-1720 Misc. and Sarah JEFFRIES, 1847 Henry County 1778-1799 Marriage Index 1785-1837 Misc. Early Marriages Early Marriages - Brides Early Marriages - Grooms Miscellaneous Marriages Lunenburg County Transcriptions from Lyman Bell's "The Old Free State" 1760-1815 1763-97 1781-1846 1800-31 1817-50 1829-35 1831-38 1761-1926 Misc. 1 and 2 MITCHELL Marriages MITCHELL Marriages Obits and Marriage extracts Norfolk County 1727-1773 Extracts of Irish Marriages 1754-1857 Selected Marriage Bonds 1818-1870 Some Emerson Newspaper Marriage Notices 1820-1854 Some Benthall Newspaper Marriage Notices 1865-1931 Misc. Paul's Catholic Church Records BRADY/HOWARD Marriage, 1899 BUTT Marriage Bonds CARR Marriage Extractions, 1850-1935 WIMBERLY Bible Pittsylvania County 1767-1774 Various Marriage Bonds 1767-1799 Marriage Index 1775-1778 Marriages (Partial) 1779 Marriages (Partial) 1780-1867 Marriages (Partial) 1788-1874 Marriages (GAMMON) 1789-1830 Marriages (Partial) 1790-1900 Marriages (BLANKENSHIP) 1799-1869 Marriages (PRITCHETT) 1810-1838 Marriages (GAULDIN) 1728-1750 Marriages (Partial) 1751-1764 Marriages 1765-1766 Marriages MOORE Marriage Extractions, 1788-1923 SMITH Marriage Extractions, 1850 to 1939 Includes Bride's List Groom's List Extractions Part One Extractions Part Two More extractions from an un-indexed film Rockbridge County 1778-1914 Marriages (PAUL) 1778-1974 Marriages (MOORE) 1780-1790 Marriage Bonds (PRIESTLY) 1781-1909 Marriages (CUNNINGHAM) 1793-1916 Marriages (FORD) (at end of file) 1798-1910 Marriages (ARMENTROUT) 1798-1916 Marriages (AGNER/EGNER) 1799-1888 Marriages (Partial) 1801-1855 Marriages (BEETS) 1801-1918 Marriages (TRIBBETT) 1801-1918 Marriages (WATKINS) 1803-1893 Marriages (Mc CALEB/Mc CABE) 1816-1900 Marriages (UNROE) 1834-1909 Marriages (DRAIN) 1855-1881 Marriages (AILSTOCK) 1851-1883 Bride Index 1857-1908 Marriages (DOWDEY) 1857-1918 Marriages (Mc DANIEL) 1864-1917 Marriages (HINTY) 1877-1885 Marriages (MERCHANT) Rockingham County 1780-1938 Marriages 1781-1909 Marriages 1781-1927 Marriages (MCWILLIAMS) 1781-1938 Marriages (CRAWFORD) 1782-1938 Marriages (Indexed by Groom) (B-E) 1782-1938 Marriages (Indexed by Groom) (H-M) 1782-1938 Marriages (Indexed by Groom) (S-W) 1782-1938 Marriages (Indexed by Bride) (B-E) 1782-1938 Marriages (Indexed by Bride) (H-L) 1782-1938 Marriages (Indexed by Bride) (M) 1782-1938 Marriages (Indexed by Bride) (W) 1782-1938 Marriages (BLACK Brides) 1782-1925 Marriages (BLACK Grooms) 1782-1938 Marriages (SMITH Brides) 1783-1938 Marriages (SMITH Grooms) 1785-1920 Marriages (BEERY/BERRY) 1786-1938 Marriages (ARMENTROUT) 1797-1919 Marriages (RHODES) 1807-1825 Marriages Bride-Indexed Groom-Indexed 1808-1939 Marriages (LAMBERT Grooms) 1827-1939 Marriages (SHIFFLETT Brides) Rockingham County, Virginia Births, 1853-56 Rockingham County, Virginia Births, 1857-59 Rockingham County, Virginia Births, 1860-65 Rockingham County, Virginia Births, 1885-87 Rockingham County, Virginia Births, 1891-93 1800-1849 Marriage Index 1850-1899 Marriage Index 1851-1900 Marriage Index 1900-1920 Marriage Index Contributed Marriage Records Fredricksburg Marriages Marriage Announcements Fisher Bride's Index John Lowe-Ella Tolson Elopement Contributed Marriage Records Fredricksburg Marriages Marriage Announcements Overwharton Parish Records-Surname Index Bible Records Sussex County 1754-1782 Misc.The date given could refer to the date of a marriage bond, to the date that an announcement of the marriage was published in a newspaper, or to some other date.Researchers must consult the source listed for an entry to determine what the date indicates.There are also indexes for the following counties: Accomack, Amelia, Bedford, Brunswick, Buckingham, Charlotte, Culpeper, Elizabeth City, Essex, Fairfax, Fauquier, Fincastle, Goochland, Halifax, James City, King and Queen, King George, Loudoun, Lunenburg, Nottoway, Powhatan, Prince Edward, Prince William, Pulaski, Richmond (County), Shenandoah, and Warren.Because these indexes were compiled by different people using different sources, the dates covered and the amount of information vary with each county.

Marriage Bonds 1759-1854 Selected Marriage Records 1763-1792 Fauquier County Marriages 1773-1814 Fauquier County Marriages 1795-1805 Index to Marriage Register Volume Two, (W's) THOMSON Bible HENRY Bible LINDSEY Bible Floyd County, Virginia Births, 1873-79 Floyd County, Virginia Births, 1880-84 Floyd County, Virginia Deaths, 1853-82 Floyd County, Virginia Deaths, 1883-96 Goochland County 1730-1779 Marriage Bonds 1730-1789 Marriages, Bride Index 1730-1789 Marriages, Groom Index 1770-1789 Marriage Bonds 1780-1789 Marriage Bonds 1829 Marriage Bond Book, Page 46 CRUTCHFIELD Marriages Early Marriage Bonds Register of St. Marriages in Early Halifax County BOYD Marriages CLARK Marriages COBBS Bible IRBY Marriages HAMLETT Bible MCCARGO, Isaac Henry Bible MCCARGO, James Clay Bible MCCARGO, Jonathan Bible SEAMSTER Family Marriages SEAMSTER Marriages WARD, LAMKIN, BACON, GREGORY, SCOTT, EDWARDS Bibles Henrico County 1682-1685 Marriage Bonds and Licenses 1682-1699 Marriages, St. Marriages 1795-1850 Marriages (SAMMONS) 1805-1848 Misc. Pages may be freely linked to, but not reproduced or republished.

Some obvious errors have been corrected in the transition from card index file to database, but researchers should use caution in accepting the information in the index as accurate without consulting the original source material.

Original sources were not referenced in the creation of the database from the card files.

The card index files were originally organized by county.

The number of entries listed under each county varies greatly, with the following counties having the largest indexes: Augusta, Caroline, Cumberland, Dinwiddie, Gloucester, Hanover, Northumberland, Prince George, Spotsylvania, Stafford, and Sussex.

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