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John Keegan, world-renowned dating coach and relationship expert, teaches you the authentic way to attract, date, and find love anywhere.

As New York City's premiere dating coach, John empowers men and women to have fulfilling dating lives and relationships with themselves and others.

Another thing you should be informed about is what this dating coach’s perspective on love is.

Right now, I’m a male in my 30s who is in a happy relationship…but years ago, when I was a coach for men, I was single and in my 20s and would work with men to help them meet and flirt with women.

Just like there are a dozen different approaches to dating, dating coaches have a dozen (or more! You need to find a dating coach who is aligned with what you need right now.

Every dating coach has a different dating philosophy.

Where I’ve been in my own dating life has obviously impacted my approach to love.

Back when I was dating, my focus with male clients was to help them socialize and meet as many women as possible. Some will be in a relationship, while others are single. Pick a dating coach that will help you get the love life you want with the right solutions to finding love.

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Now my focus with female clients is to help them find love and a relationship. Each will provide a different perspective on finding love, so make sure it aligns with your own. Now, I make You Tube videos like the one above and articles like this one to move you in the right direction to finding love. Do you find value in it, or does it almost lead you to actual applicable solutions…and then try to sell you on buying something?

In most of my programs and resources — like Casual to Committed or Attract the One Academy — I focus a heavy amount on socializing, getting out there, and building your social confidence. Most dating coaches have videos, articles, and books, but before you invest even a dime in any of it, see what their free content is like. Their website should be full of valuable information and have a decent amount that you can get for absolutely free.

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