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Actor Ewan Mc Gregor says the Vatican's criticism of the religious thriller "Angels & Demons" was muted compared to the previous Robert Langdon adventure "The Da Vinci Code" because the newer film doesn't challenge the Catholic faith.

Promoting the movie Sunday in China, where it is showing as the closing film at the 12th Shanghai International Film Festival, Mc Gregor said the Vatican-set "Angels & Demons" is less controversial.

For more details regarding the Cancer Awareness Forum, please contact the Consulate General of Saint Lucia in New York, at 212.697.9360, ext.

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It operates a software system designed to enable saving and discovery of information on the World Wide Web using images and, on a smaller scale, GIFs and videos Noted entrepreneurs and investors include: Jack Abraham, Michael Birch, Scott Belsky, Brian Cohen, Shana Fisher, Ron Conway, First Mark Capital, Kevin Hartz, Jeremy Stoppelman, Hank Vigil, and Fritz Lanman.

SHARE is a social services organization dedicated to offering support for women facing breast and ovarian cancers.Top church officials strongly objected to the 2006 film "The Da Vinci Code" because it was based on the idea that Jesus married and fathered children and depicted the conservative Catholic movement, Opus Dei, as a murderous cult."Angels & Demons," which also features the Harvard symbologist Langdon from the Dan Brown novels, is about Langdon's attempt to help the Holy See thwart a plot by the ancient secret brotherhood Illuminati to kill four cardinals and bomb the Vatican as a new pope is being chosen.The Vatican's newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano said in a review and editorial that "Angels & Demons" was historically inaccurate and filled with stereotypes, but concluded it is "harmless" entertainment and not a danger to the church.The newspaper also praised director Ron Howard's "dynamic direction" and the "magnificent" reconstruction of locations like St. Much of the film was shot on sets that painstakingly recreated church landmarks.

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