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She didn't approve of me and was a little bit cross that I got into the same grammar school as her older son (who was a real sweetie and made up for his mother's awfulness).My mother had only one sister who was very abrupt and, to me, quite scary.THe sainted aunt is only a few years older than me, so is more like a sister. She joined a sect which gets a lot of stick (on GN as well as in the real world) but it has never taken her away from her family, or turned her into a sourpuss, though perhaps sainted is a bit of an exaggeration.We are still in touch frequently and have been on holiday together.One is a sainted aunt and one a giddy aunt, so I can say "My giddy aunt! "The giddy aunt is now 94, but still sprightly, despite what she calls "various aches and pains".

My mother had two sisters and they were wonderful aunts. I used to have eight aunts and eight uncles, but there are only two left.

I remember visiting her when I was about 14 and being told not to sit on the "expensive-Parker-Knoll-leather-armchairs-with-footstool" as they were reserved for 'proper' visitors.

My poor cousin used to roll his eyes with embarrassment at her snobbery.

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