Chat rooms for k 9 sex

The nightclub business was not Seungri's first business venture, it had been preceded by several: a Japanese ramen restaurant chain, cosmetics, a Belgian waffle cafe, and a record company co-founded with his agency YG Entertainment.In November 2018, he entered the IT sector when he became the Creative Director and model for Head Rock VR, a franchise brand of the AR product company Social Network and affiliate Mediafront; and assisted in the opening of the Headrock VR theme park in Singapore.The police investigation found a 2.45 billion won (US.15 million) investment to the Burning Sun, with the Taiwanese investor having contributed 1 billion won and Seungri having contributed 225 million won.Yonhap reported that one of the club's investors, perhaps Junwon Industries (also called Cheonwon Industry), Le Méridien Seoul's operator, may have forged a connection with the hotel, in the amount of .8 million, using the intermediary firm to attract larger investments to the club.As to who owned the club, media reports varied over the course of the scandal, some detailed Seungri as an investor or co-founder of Yuri Holdings, a shareholder of Burning Sun Entertainment that operated the club, Seungri described his relationship to the club in an interview with The Chosun Ilbo, published on March 22, 2019, saying that CEO Lee Moon-ho, a friend of his, was the operator of the club and in charge, while Seungri's name was used for marketing, after his initial investment of 10 million won (around US,800).

It was known as a TV and sports celebrity hang-out, had a reputation for a very strict dress code, and could accommodate 700 guests with separate EDM and hip hop dance floors.

He is no relation to Roy Kim, but was another contestant on the Superstar K 4 show in 2012 with him and Jung.

The three show alumni had debuted in consecutive years, Roy Kim in 2012, Jung in 2013, and Eddy Kim in 2014.

The chatroom conversations not only involved him in the sex scandal, but revealed a past drunk driving charge, in which he was alleged to have received police help to avoid its being publicized, and which was re-investigated.

Singer-songwriter soloist Eddy Kim, age 29, whose real name is Kim Jung-hwan, was another chat room member.

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