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Murray was actually up for two parts at the time and had to choose between the WB show and a new one on Fox in which he was also offered a lead. The show was a tremendous hit immediately upon its Fox debut in August 2003, winning both a devoted teen audience as well as older viewers thanks to its melodramatic storylines and alternative-music soundtrack."Don't want to go into that," he said when asked about the decision by New York Times writer Kate Aurthur on the set of One Tree Hill.On One Tree Hill, Murray had been cast as a teen from a struggling single-parent household, a situation that was not unlike the actor's own upbringing.Born in Buffalo, New York, in August 1981, he was the second of five children."I had a dollar a day to buy a chicken sandwich or a salad from Jack in the Box [a fast food chain]," he told Teen People.

Upon Austen's arrival, he spots Sam in a TINY white eye mask, and even though he goes to school with her, has classes with her, and has even chatted with her at her mom's diner, he literally has no idea who is under this small AF mask! And now, however many years later, Chad Michael Murray is weighing in on the weird moment.In an interview with And that's when he gets to the real heart of the matter: That masked dance scene."If you go to masquerade mall and a girl you see almost every day is wearing a small mask and her entire face is exposed and you still can't recognize her, you should probably see an eye doctor...Murray was cast as Rory's arrogant classmate and romantic interest when she starts a new school year at an elite private academy.In the 2001–02 television season, Murray appeared in several episodes of Dawson's Creek, a hit teen drama.

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