Can we still be friends after dating

Before that, we had been engaged for two years with a relatively short courtship of six months (including one “lost month” —read: John Lennon and Yoko Ono).In that entire period of dating, engagement, and marriage, I never had a close male friend. I’ve been accused of flirting, of seeking validation, and of drifting back into a past (of cheating, of emotional distance, of immaturity) that neither my husband nor I would like to revisit.Both have good jobs and recently they set up a joint bank […] I beg of you don’t say goodbye Can’t we give our love another try?Come on, baby, let’s start anew ‘Cause breaking up is hard to do…

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Though we had dated briefly in high school and had phone call dalliances up to college, once we entered undergrad our relationship became strictly friendly, almost familial.

Do you do as I’ve done and make a point of mentioning every conversation, to keep your loved one in the loop and make it clear you have nothing to hide? I’m not an expert on relating to exes; I’m still in the beginning stages of the thing, hoping to rebuild a close and lasting friendship with someone meaningful to me.

Or do you treat your ex as any other friend—where detailed reporting is not required?

♦◊♦ If you have lingering feelings, you could put your marriage in jeopardy. If distance pulled you apart, continued distance combined with marriage can keep you apart physically—but what about emotionally?

What’s to stop one or both of you from wondering (perhaps aloud) “what if?

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