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Let’s face it’s hard to become overwhelmed by shyness or introversion when you’re doing something that you really enjoy.

Having an escape plan for a possible failed date is always a good idea, but if you’re an introvert, this is a must-have.

If your date starts displaying what you perceive as red flags, you need an exit strategy, which could include having a friend or family member call or text you midway into your date.

This provides you with an excuse to end the day if things seem to be going awry.

As an introvert, it is not uncommon for us to feel like we have to “go with the flow” in a given situation.

When it comes to dating, however, this practice can turn a bad evening into a nightmare.

Some signs of a bad date may include Being an introvert can be a double-edged sword; on the one hand, introvert traits like being perceptive, introspective, and observant allows us to recognize red flags quickly.

Much like in the real estate world, location matters when it comes to dating comfort, especially on first dates.

In this article, we will detail a few great first date ideas that can ease your anxiety and allow you to enjoy the time you’re spending with a potentially new boyfriend or girlfriend.

The days or moments leading up to your date can be panic-inducing, but a great to combat these feelings of angst is by doing something that will allow you to feel more confident and, more importantly, comfortable in your own skin. Well, it could be something as small as buying a new pair of shoes or getting a fresh haircut.

That said, you don’t have to endure a bad date because you’re introverted.

The one thing that is salient amongst those who are introverted is a desire to hide the fact that they are introverted.

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