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Designed to meld with the busy, hectic pace of our lives, Modern Buddhism is a transformative meditation program rooted in the thousand-year-old lineage of Kadampa Buddhism.It is presented for each and every person in order to help them begin, make progress on, and ultimately complete their own spiritual path.Founder of the New Kadampa Tradition – International Kadampa Buddhist Union.

Buddhism allows each individual the freedom to decide for himself all the issues pertaining to marriage.

Separation is preferable to avoid miserable family life for a long period of time.

The Buddha further advises old men not to have young wives as the old and young are unlikely to be compatible, which can create undue problems, disharmony and downfall (Parabhava Sutta).

The Buddha realized that one of the main causes of man's downfall is his involvement with other women (Parabhava Sutta).

Man must realize the difficulties, the trials and tribulations that he has to undergo just to maintain a wife and a family.

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