Beyonce and jay z still dating

Could it really be that simple, or is there more to the story? In April 2018, West sat down for an extensive interview with Charlamagne Tha God and admitted that this whole rift started when Jay and Bey skipped his wedding — a snub that they've never directly addressed.Let's dive into the real reasons Beyoncé can't stand Kim Kardashian. We are all equal, but sometimes we be playing the politics too much and forgetting who we are just to win." The expletive-laden tirade went on and on. West also revealed the surprising status of his relationship with Jay Z at the time of the interview. we texting each other — it's positive energy," West said, adding, "I haven't seen him, but I can feel him." Asked whether he felt he crossed the line by speaking about Jay Z's family during his tour, West quibbled and offered no apology.Remember, West admitted in April 2018, that he and Jay Z hadn't seen each other in years, so it's possible the Tidal beef remains unresolved.With this boardroom beef still brewing, even if their wives were friends before this — which, come on, they clearly weren't — things would definitely be awkward now.Designer Rachel Roy is close friends with Kim Kardashian, but Roy is allegedly arch enemies with Beyoncé. On top of sources reporting Roy's flirty nature with Jay Z, the fashion designer is often fingered as the woman who sparked the infamous 2014 elevator fight between Jay-Z and Beyoncé's sister, Solange, after a Met Gala.Roy's presence is also rumored to be a big reason the Carters skipped Kardashian and West's wedding (and perhaps the couple's engagement), but the bad blood doesn't end there.

In July 2017, that Jay Z and West were planning a "face-to-face" meeting to get this all hashed out. Talk to me like a man." He also used a concert to fume to Jay (and the rest of the world): "Our kids ain't never even played together." Of course, Kanye's remarks are his own, but if Kim's only connection to Beyoncé was through Kanye's tumultuous relationship with Jay Z, then it's obvious there would be a strain there."If we're business associates in this, than it was too far." Oof. As for how all of this applies directly to Kim and Beyoncé, ask yourself this, ladies: If one of your supposed girlfriends flaked out on your wedding without so much as to a reason why, what would you think she thinks of you?On top of that Beyoncé and Kardashian didn't attend each other's baby showers, of which there have been five, including the most recent one for Kardashian's third child, Chicago. Out of all these joyous occasions, these supposed friends couldn't get together for one?, Kardashian allegedly sent "one of her KKW Beauty contour kits in a gold box worth 0,000," along with ",000 worth of clothes for Blue Ivy and the twins from her sold-out children's fashion line, The Kids Supply." But Beyoncé reportedly gave everything "to the nurses in the hospital for their kids." The cringe-worthy notion of Kardashian gifting people stuff from her own product lines aside, if this "regift" rumor is true, Beyoncé should have just shipped everything back with a custom label attached that read: We're not friends.

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