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Serve with Nabisco® Reduced-Calorie Triscuit® Crackers or 1/2 of a small whole-wheat hamburger bun, if tolerated.Nutrition information is not included for these serving options.While eveyone else is having a high-fat, high-sugar dessert at Thanksgiving, make this yummy alternative in a jiffy for yourself! Let's put it this way, Mom, who's usually kind of picky, scraped her plate until she had every bit of it!Bariatric Berry Hearty Kashi® Parfait This recipe may be used for your entire family but the portions are especially adapted for those who have had Lap-Band surgery.Then I found the Inspire Diet and my life turned around.Now I’m honored to be on the team, encouraging others just like me who thought losing regain was impossible.”The Inspire Diet is a tried-and-true formula of Inspire Protein meals, protein-rich recipes and 24/7 Facebook support that offers you all the tools you need to succeed at beating REGAIN once and for all.

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It could also be pureed but may need a tablespoon or two of hot water added. Spinach Alfredo Sauce Since I love spinach and I love alfredo, I decided to see if I could create a "company worthy" dish.Realizing that surgery is a tool that you can control by making the right food choices puts you in the driver’s seat.It’s not the surgeon doing the work or some mysterious medical miracle, this time it’s YOU.A small bite of food in your mouth guarantees only a small bite of food will find its way down to your stomach.Having only a small amount of food trying to pass a gastric band (or through the new opening created between the pouch and small intestine by a gastric bypass) will lessen your chances of causing an obstruction.

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