Aunties forsex site

Although the agency’s focus is on women aged 40-60, they’ve also been approached by women as young as 25 – and by singletons not happy about going solo to yet another family gathering.

In New Zealand, one study found that one in 4 women would be willing to hire a male prostitute.“One woman who rang up was 48, had recently gotten divorced and had never had an orgasm!” On that note, the idea of post-divorce gift vouchers is just ‘tacky’, the pair says, but they’ve had women who suggest it could be a great idea – so you never know. Sex tourism, where predominantly older women can and do buy the ‘boyfriend experience’ at exotic resorts in Jamaica, Kenya and Turkey, is thriving.Women who hire escorts may not be shouting it from the rooftops – save for singer Sinead O’Connor, who famously admitted Googling male escorts when she was on tour due to sexual frustration and boredom with her vibrator.

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