Asian dating ritual

Furthermore, the newly circumcised spends time out in the forest to test his courage.

Women also get circumcised in some cultures in Africa.

Many African communities still practice wife inheritance.

The brother of a dead person is allowed to inherit his sister-in-law.

But add on top of that cultural differences and you got a whole new pandora’s box.

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This ceremony is normally done to signify a boy becoming a mature adult.

Among their many rituals, there is one that is classified as quite risky especially in the modern world.The Maasai is one of the communities in Kenya, in order to be respected and acknowledged as a man, you first have to attain the title “Moran.” To do so, a young man is expected to go out in the jungle and hunt down a lion.This feat can only be accomplished by using a spear and not the fancy gun.This is done as a way of ensuring the clans remain tightly bonded.Unfortunately, this has contributed to the spread of HIV/AID, as well as the disregard for human rights.

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