Are mz berry and ray j dating

Now, I’m only 25 years old, myself, and so when I refer to “little girls”, I mean it as a state of mind. These girls are running wild, doing whatever, however.

Big on drinking, and big on the purchased boobies, she was there to have a good time.

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Poprah (you know, that loud mouthed, ruthless chick that thought she was really going to be Diddy’s assistant on I Want to Work for Diddy season 1) seems to be one of the last to realize this disturbing fact.

So far, Danger has: Can Ray J get some kind of award for nicknaming Monica “Danger”? Her actions on his reality show alone led me to believe she was crazy & needed help. Yes I believe she is doing all of this for attention, but that makes her all the more crazy!

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