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This is because west winds are often found in the temperate zones, which are the best for wave power.Also, strong winds over large areas as well as a location near the continental shelf are much more favourable for wave power because it ensures a disparity between wave height and wave length.The second part of the article will look at small hydro and why it is the best option for Pakistan at this time.Wave and tidal power are good technologies; however, the benefits of small hydro are much greater, especially for Pakistan’s developing economy.This set back the cause of wave power for many years; however, other forms of energy such as tidal have shown promise.Tidal power is potentially very useful because tides are very reliable.This is important because, as electricity moves through transmission systems, some of the power is lost and cannot be recovered.Both tidal and wave power are fairly inexpensive to maintain and tidal power is very predictable.

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As the waves moved them back and forth, the mechanical energy became electrical energy, which drove a generator.Power Wave and tidal power also have many challenges that need to be resolved in order for these types of powers to be successful.Generally, the best waves are situated in temperate zones, which means that Pakistan is not suitable for wave power.Many companies have developed different ways of using wave power, but the two basic principles behind the designs remain the same.The first design involves the waves moving into a chamber where the water rises and falls.

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