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I have pretty light skin and no one would ever guess that I’m a Muslim or even Arab. Due to that, I am frequently called "the Mexican" in the small town I live in.My dad has pretty dark skin has been a Muslim all his life. My mom has light skin and that’s where I get my green eyes, my red hair, and my light skin from. And most think me and my family are illegal immigrants.stereotypes are not always negative there are just as many positive ones as negative ones, if i say all asian girls who are 20 to 30 are pretty thats a positive stereotype, it's a stereotype because I said asian (racism) girl (sexism) and ages 20-30 (ageism) and that was a positive statement.Now my family thinks i am just because i say 'i love u' tomy friends who just happen 2b gurls....whtever, let em think that...

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She has beautiful blonde wavy hair and amazing blue eyes. Bar is a stunning blend of Polish, Lithuanian and Jewish Italian. Kate Upton Kate Upton is an actress and model who has quickly become a favorite!

I'm sooo glad you posted this article because I'm mized(black and white) but most people just say I'm black which is expected but ever since I moved I have received many stereotypes. I try to discourage discrmination at my school, but it's like trying to stop a moving train.

I went from a school with only 3 mixed people( the rest were white) to a school with many different races and at my new school, I'm always stereotyped. My grandparents and mother are purely Cuban, but I have blonde hair (my dad is American and i look like him). If you think about any religion, you''l be able to think of at least one stereotype, I'm sure. Well, sorry for the slight my mom asked me if i was straight!

The truth is, stereotypes give us ideas and push us to believe things that aren’t true. Stereotypes can cause you to do things like "lash out in rage." But they can also cause you to do other things that might be even worse because of stereotype threat.

Most people are affected by stereotypes and really don’t know it. Stereotype threat is when a person confirms a negative stereotype because they think that is what is expected of them.

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