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Your work will include event planning, monitoring social platforms and website performance as well as conducting market analysis.

In addition to being an excellent communicator, you should have excellent multitasking and organisational abilities.

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I think the most useful program would be that which mimics the natural first cycle of sleep. The current copy of the ocean environmental piece in the Audio Strobe folder on Kasina's received before around February 2014 (post dating for current inventory) has an issue with the balance of signals in the audio channels. Please decompress the attached archive and replace the mp3 called Oceamniotic on your Kasina SD card. Wanted to 'dedicate' this message to a couple of videos that pulls together NLP, hypnosis, psychology, misdirection, suggestion, and lots more into very entertaining examples of how we can apply all these techniques.

You can play them back on the Kasina by browsing to the folder and selecting the file. Additionally, you can load the sessions into the included Kasina Basic Session Editor to see the frequencies and customize them. Over the last little while I've been doing a lot of reading and have arrived at the conclusion that it's very hard to know what to expect from AVS (audio visual stimulation) and how best to utilise it.

This is the place for all the things we do for fun not covered by a dedicated forum.

If you are into RC, boats, helicopters, modeling, scale trains, control line flying, POV flying, model rocketry, antique engines, slot car racing, or any amateur pastime that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, check it out.

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