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oversharing dating column, chef Spike Mendelsohn's fiancée, and blogger at Apron Anxiety — got herself a book deal with Clarkson Potter.

However, I did have outrageous sex dreams that made me orgasm in my sleep — the most vivid one entailed some uncontrollable lovemaking to Michael Keaton, whom I'd never thought twice about in any conscious state.

But it gets better, or worse, depending on your outlook on such things: From her website's sidebar: "Having a 'Relation Chef' is NOT easy, but it keeps me on my toes." Hey, that's a fake, made-up word! Says Gael Greene: "Movie,tv series blah blah inevitably folo.

So if you're dating a Top Chef contestant, are you having a Relation Chef Testant? We'll know more abt Spike." Oh dear, we fear Greene may be right.

He wanted yurts and skirts and I wanted labor pains and lullabies, and suddenly our burning love was burned to the ground. Because despite my taste in such difficult men, I always wanted to be a mother. I met with the most beautiful and affirming Single Moms by Choice; I read every book and blog on the donor decision. I'm just trying to illustrate how the universe took care of me once I took control of my own destiny.

It felt thrilling and joyful and profoundly right.***The day I officially decided to move forward with the process — locked in the IUI appointment, narrowed down the donor — the Sexiest Man Alive (literally, once named him this) flirted with me at a party. Famous Guy was the first of many lovely men to ask me out despite the fact that I was about to be, and then became, fully pregnant.

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    During the event, after each 5 minute round, you receive a text message directing you to your next date. At the end of each date, you’ll add “feedback” about your date (“2nd date,” or “friend” or "business").

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