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Later, Peyton returns home to find Liv working tediously.

She voices her surprise at her case being reopened, so to speak, as she had been sure the suspect in custody had been the murderer.

Major offers Liv their unused engagement gifts, and Peyton suggests bringing over the juicer.

When he leaves, Liv reprimands Peyton for asking for it, but Peyton quickly reminds Liv that she broke his heart.

Later in the episode, when Liv is experiencing Javier's traits, she asks Peyton about an ugly piece of art on the wall.

Peyton reveals a bit about who they were before Liv was turned, mentioning that they used the Louvre as a place of exercise because it was raining outside and they wanted to get in some cardio. In The Exterminator, Peyton is revealed to be an ADA (Assistant District Attorney) working on a breakthrough case.

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During the practice cross-examination, she reveals a picture that triggers one of Liv's visions.She stages an intervention, disguised as a traditional "pot-luck Tuesday", in order to confront Liv about her startling behavioral changes and her lifestyle.She's convinced Liv has post-traumatic stress disorder from the boat incident and urges her to seek When Liv makes an effort later in the episode, she's pleased. , Peyton walks in on Liv and Major, who are talking after he brings over a box of Liv's things from his Dearborn will write the script and executive produce with Happy Madison’s Doug Robinson. The two sisters first hit stardom as pop rock duo Aly & AJ (now 78violet). During the first two seasons, she was a recurring character, but as of Season 3, she has been promoted to a main character.

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