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It was also during the 19th century that Pearl Harbor was initially scouted as a location for a Naval Base by the Americans.In 1898 the islands became a territory of the United States, but it wouldn’t be until later, on August 21, 1959 that Hawaii would officially become the 50th state." No matter the time of year that tourists visit Hawaii, they can expect remarkably mild weather.Layers are recommended, including long pants and sturdy boots for any activities away from the beach.Travelers who plan their trip from October through April may experience more precipitation, but the resorts located on the leeward side (western side) of the island, away from the trade winds, tend to be drier.

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To avoid confusion with the state, it is almost universally called the Big Island.One theory says the islands are named for the Polynesian navigator who discovered the islands, Hawai’iloa.Another says that the islands are named for Hawaiki; also known as the Origin Place, the realm of the gods and goddesses and the afterlife of the Polynesian people.Traveling from the shore up to the peaks of the Big Island, you may experience significant drops in temperature and increase in precipitation. Reaching 13,796 feet and 13,678 feet, respectively, there is remarkable elevation across the scant 75-mile width of the island.Tourists should keep this in mind when they venture to the interior of the island.

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