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It’s as if she doesn’t think she can actually do better. Later, we learn he cares so little about Beck, another girl’s name is the password to unlock his phone.

When that relationship with Benji finally ends, courtesy of Joe and his book mallet, Beck turns to Tinder where she finds instant gratification, amid a glut of app cliches: “Man with tiger” and “Viking wannabes.” And then when Beck finally does find a man who seems willing to commit, it turns out that he was stalking her all along and then MAJOR SPOILER ALERT: ends up killing her.

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People don’t just strike up conversations in bars or coffee shops anymore. When the show begins, Beck is in a situationship with Benji, a financier’s son who’s opening an artisanal soda company (motto: “drink better by hand”) who “hides his privilege with a few Black Lives Matter retweets.” He is a royal douche who cheats on Beck, but still she keeps seeing him and clearly cares for him. “I don’t just want to be some guy you sleep with,” Benji tells Beck in the first episode, just before he proceeds to sleep with Beck and then ignore her calls.Indeed, Kate Mac Lean, a spokesperson for the dating site Plentyof Fish, told Moneyish that the first Sunday may be the best day of the year to find love online.Also see: Adding these 3 words to your online dating profile will land you more dates Why is this day so popular?Dating app Match , for example, says the first Sunday of the year is consistently the most trafficked day and predicts there will be a 69% spike in new singles coming to the app this year, and that over 1.5 million messages will be sent.Last year was no different, with dating sites like Match and Plentyof Fish telling Moneyish that the first Sunday after the new year typically sees a big spike in online daters both joining and engaging with one another.

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