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upload is the English terms 'upload; means transfer a file or program to a central computer from a smaller computer or a computer remote location.

download is to transfer (data or programs) from a server or host computer to one's…

Your best bet, if you are downloading large files, is to go to a friends house…

You cannot legally download and/or read Stephenie Meyer's 'The Host' without breaking copyright infringement.

[Note that conversion from megabits to Mega Bytes requires (x*1,000,000/8)/1,048,576.] Moreover, idle time are added between packets.

(In other words, Fire Wire over 2-pair CAT-5 cabling is limited to S100, but CAT 5E should allow up to 800 mbps.) "High speed" USB 2.0 products have a design data rate (theoretical maximum) of 480.0 mbps.

Real performance of any given product is dependent upon how fast that product can run.

The device can only achieve the theoretical speeds if it can keep up with the USB data transfer rate.

The best emulator in terms of performance is probably BGB or GEST.

For the GBA, the best in terms of compatibility is Visual Boy Advance…

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