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It’s hard to trust anyone’s true intentions with this cycle.Met a dude on Hinge and the first date was kind of blah.The point is that if you really do work on it and practice secure behavior, you will develop security!Even though this sitch didn't work out it gives me more confidence that I'm moving in the right direction.Dating in Houston: Guide for Houston Singles Houston is just a great town for dating if you’re activities fans.(It’s also one of many few metropolitan areas in the States that embraces sports games as date-appropriate.) Houston has activities…TL; DR got ghosted by my most exciting dating prospect and I let it go without drama and begging, and even without any desire to.That's a It's a beautiful weekend at least where I live, and I sincerely hope everyone is taking advantage of it to recharge themselves before the drudgery of the week starts.

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If you're ghosting, that sucks but I won't bother you further, thanks anyway! I supposed after only 2 dates it's fine to be mostly unbothered but I'm really proud of myself.He was the first person I'd dated recently where I was like wow ok this is someone I'm interested in, and that's the real disappointment. If his ghosting was a conscious decision, it's better that it happened now and someone that easily scared or upset isn't right for me.I've been so looking forward to finding a new partner that it was lovely to finally be like "yes, yes, I like this one, let's see how it goes! This is 180 improvement from a year ago or even less, when i would have been having a meltdown, freaking out over whether the person was thinking about me, annoying them, etc.There is no reason to believe they can’t win another state title, and wins like Friday night’s over Mars will certainly prepare the Tigers for the competition still to come.“Makes us ready,” Moon coach Bill Pfeifer said.It was Mars' second loss of the season and first to a 3A program.

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