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Elgg offered a highly customizable open source networking software that was perfect for TGPersonals.com’s needs.“had just started generating a profit for the first time through the Google Ad Sense program,” he said, “so I decided to hire a contract programmer to help create custom Elgg plugins so I could move to Elgg.” At the same time, Mike launched a mainstream dating site, My Free Personals.com, in hopes of replicating TGPersonals.com’s success for a larger market.Word about Mike’s affiliation with a transgender woman spread, and many of his peers made a joke out of it. He’d witnessed firsthand how ignorant individuals can shame someone for their choices, and he refused to give in to their peer pressure.He had no plans to meet the transgender woman he had been talking to, but he did pursue a long-distance relationship with another trans woman on a dating site.He offers all features on his dating site for free and has promised to never use subscription plans or paid features to turn a profit.Instead, he uses banner ads and affiliate partnerships to generate revenue.In the mid-1990s, a college student named Mike Kasper started chatting with a transgender woman he’d met online.It was a simple online crush, nothing more, but then his college roommate spied on his communications and revealed his private life to the entire school.

However, Mike said he has received dozens of thank-you messages from TG Personals members over the years. My partner is planning to bring me to the US.” Mike said this was the first TG Personals marriage he had heard about, and it made him happy to help advance civil rights on a global scale.The Scoop: Since 1999, has given trans men and women a place where they can be themselves and find dates who cherish them.The trans-friendly dating site has cultivated a US-based membership of over 189,000 users and promoted 100% free chat, search, and matching features.Today, Mike and a team of volunteer admins monitor TG Personals and make sure it remains a safe and friendly place for singles of all orientations and backgrounds.They closely monitor the profiles and content on the dating site to protect vulnerable members from being taken advantage of or harassed.

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